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Veronica Chase

Certified Life Skills Coach and Holistic Counselor



Veronica's experiences lead her into the person she is today. Going through hurdles and roadblocks of ongoing loops.  Her internal work and eagerness for growth has a lasting high in her life. Knowing that alignment in all areas in life are essential; Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.



Her abilities can help you through:

-Career changes

-Concussion/ accident

-Somatic healing

-Art Expression

-Drastic changes in life

-Personal development/growth


-Sexual intimacy

-Self-love and care



-Empathy and compassion

-Holistic psychotherapy post-experience and integration

-Relationship dynamics

-Monogamy and non-monogamy  

    Veronica Chase is a devoted, passionate woman who wants to help people see their true self and move past the fear into action. She went through a hurdle of transitions in her life which include; trauma, pain, hopelessness. She burst through each experience stronger every time, through resilience and growth. Through a career change, where she worked as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer for eight years, a head injury changed her life forever. This injury had led her into darkness and a lost sense of her independence to depending on others. Furthermore, a loss of a partner, to then finding what relationship dynamic works best and how to communicate in a healthy non-violent way (NVC). Through these experiences, they helped her realize the importance for others to work through transitions and how to communicate when maybe we weren’t taught how to.

    Veronica is known in the sex-positive community (definition of sex-positive: having or promoting an open, tolerant, or progressive attitude towards sex and sexuality.), helping others thrive in their relationships and sex lives. By providing a non-judgemental, safe space for people to open up, through one-on-one coaching and counselling. She helps others who might be shy, interested in the community and helps them express what their desires, wants and needs are in relationships. Her love of life really expels everywhere, she thrives in growth and clarity.

   Growing up in a religious family who rarely opened up or communicated. Let alone wants needs or desires, which shed light on how important communication is and how to effectively understand each other's perspectives as well.

   Veronica has experience in this field for over 5 years helping others in their relationships and sex lives. She is a certified life coach and Holistic Counsellor, CPCA registered.

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