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Relationship and Couples Counselling Services

 Explore the dynamics of modern relationships with specialized counselling services.  Whether you're navigating traditional partnerships,  ethical non-monogamy, or any other non monogamous arrangement,  I am here to help with my professional tailored support. I understand that every relationship is unique, and I am here to assist you in understanding and managing your unique dynamics with clarity and respect.

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Why Get a Relationship and Couples Counsellor?

Engaging with a relationship and couples counsellor can be transformative for partnerships at any stage. Whether you’re experiencing difficulties or simply wish to strengthen your bond, a counsellor provides expert guidance and support tailored to your unique relational needs.

Relationship Dynamics & Non-Monogamy

Navigating non-traditional relationships can present unique challenges and opportunities. Our counselling services offer a supportive environment where you can explore different relationship structures, from polyamory to open relationships, and everything in between. We provide you with the tools to understand your own relationship dynamics, address jealousy and insecurity, and establish clear and respectful boundaries. This guidance is essential for maintaining healthy and fulfilling relationships in non-monogamous settings.


Love Maps

Learn about each other’s desires and histories to build a deeper connection and understanding. A love map is a concept developed by Dr. John Gottman that involves understanding your partner’s psychological world, including their hopes, fears, and histories. By participating in our Love Maps exercises, couples can deepen their emotional connection and empathy, leading to stronger, more resilient relationships. These exercises help partners to anticipate each other's needs and respond to them effectively, which is crucial in nurturing a long-lasting bond.


Trust and Commitment

Strengthen the foundations of trust and commitment through clear strategies and supportive counselling. Trust and commitment are the cornerstones of any relationship. Our counselling sessions focus on enhancing these elements through proven strategies such as establishing transparency, consistent behaviour, and mutual support. By strengthening trust, couples can create a safe space for vulnerability, while a firm commitment can provide a stable foundation, allowing the relationship to thrive even in the face of challenges.


Therapeutic Methods

Veronica utilizes various evidence-based therapeutic methods tailored to your relationship's specific challenges and goals. The Gottman Method focuses on disarming conflicting verbal communication and increasing intimacy, respect, and affection. Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) helps to reestablish secure emotional connections and improve attachment bonds. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) targets specific problems and focuses on developing solutions, while Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps in changing negative thought patterns that can damage relationships. Each method is chosen to best suit the individual needs of the client, providing a personalized approach to relationship counselling.



Effective communication is essential for a healthy relationship. Our counselling sessions aim to improve how couples communicate by teaching skills such as active listening, expressing needs and emotions constructively, and handling disagreements calmly. These skills ensure that both partners feel heard and valued, reducing conflicts and misunderstandings. As communication improves, the relationship becomes stronger and more harmonious.

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