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Specialized Trauma, Relationship and Couples Counselling

Navigate through past experiences to break free from limiting patterns and beliefs that hinder your personal and relational growth.  Specialized counselling provides tools and methods tailored to your needs, helping you process emotional hurts and strengthen your inner self. Whether you're dealing with trauma, relationship issues, or both, we create a supportive environment tailored to address your specific needs.

Understand and Break Through

Gain a deeper understanding of your past to challenge and change recurring negative patterns or beliefs. Our approach helps you to see these patterns clearly, recognize their roots, and develop effective strategies to move beyond them. By addressing these underlying issues, you can transform how you relate to yourself and others, fostering healthier relationships and personal growth.

Tools for Healing

Learn valuable coping skills to manage and overcome emotional distress. We guide you through processing stuck emotions and re-establishing your connection with your inner being. These tools may include emotional regulation techniques, mindfulness practices, and strategies for self-soothing, which are essential in dealing with moments of high stress or emotional overwhelm. Let’s add effective tools to your toolbox.

Our Methods

I employ a variety of therapeutic methods tailored to your specific situation, including Trauma-Informed Care, which provides a safe framework for addressing trauma without re-traumatization; the Gottman Method for Affairs, which rebuilds trust and intimacy in relationships affected by infidelity; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which helps in altering dysfunctional thinking patterns that lead to negative behaviors; Narrative Therapy, which allows individuals to rewrite the negative stories they tell about their lives; and Solution-focused practices, which concentrate on finding solutions in the present and envisioning a hopeful future. Each method is chosen to best support your journey towards healing and growth.

Life coaching
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