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Specialized Coaching for Trauma, Relationships, and Couples

Unlock Your Potential, Heal Your Past, and Strengthen Your Relationships

About Our Coaching Services 

Embark on a coaching journey tailored to support and empower you through personal and relational challenges. Whether you're dealing with the impacts of trauma, seeking to enhance your relationships, or working to strengthen bonds with your partner, our coaching services provide the guidance and tools necessary for significant progress. This journey is designed to assist you in achieving greater personal fulfillment and relational harmony.

The Difference Between Coaching and Counselling

Understanding the difference between coaching and counselling is crucial for choosing the right approach to personal and relational growth. While both practices offer valuable support, their methodologies, goals, and frameworks differ significantly.

Therapy Session


Counselling often focuses on guiding clients through psychological issues, healing emotional pain, and addressing deep-seated patterns from the past. It typically deals with a range of mental health conditions and emotional challenges, helping clients recover from trauma, navigate depressive episodes, or manage anxiety. Counsellors are trained to help with mental health conditions, providing a space for healing and problem resolution.


Coaching, on the other hand, is generally more future-oriented and goal-specific. It is designed to help individuals achieve their personal and professional goals, enhance their performance, and improve their quality of life. Coaches work with relatively healthy clients who are looking to move forward in life rather than heal from past trauma. The focus is on potential rather than pathology, emphasizing growth, accountability, and actionable plans.

Key Differences:

  • Goal Orientation: Counselling aims to heal and resolve past issues, while coaching focuses on setting and achieving future goals.

  • Scope:  Counselling deals with mental health and emotional healing; coaching targets performance, skills development, and personal growth.

  • Approach: Counselors may explore deep emotional traumas, while coaches prioritize actionable steps towards achieving specific objectives.

  • Professional Training: Counsellors typically have specialized training in mental health, while coaches are trained in techniques of motivation, strategy, and planning.



Transformative Insights

Gain a deep understanding of the underlying patterns from your past and how they currently influence your life. Our coaching sessions help you identify these patterns, providing you with effective strategies to overcome them. This process paves the way for significant personal growth and the development of healthier relationships. By addressing these root issues, and bringing awareness of the cause to break free from the cycle, you can transform your approach to personal challenges and relationship dynamics.


Skills for Resilience and Connection

Develop robust coping skills and emotional tools that enhance your resilience and your ability to connect deeply with others. Our coaching approach includes practical techniques and exercises that you can integrate into your daily life to foster emotional healing and relational satisfaction. These skills are vital in managing stress, navigating emotional turbulence, opening the window of tolerance, and building stronger, more meaningful connections with those around you.


Coaching Methods

Benefit from our extensive range of personalized methodologies designed to meet your unique needs. We utilize Trauma-Informed Techniques, which provide a sensitive and supportive framework for dealing with past trauma; Gottman Method strategies for enhancing relational dynamics; Informed-Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, which helps in modifying negative thought patterns and behaviors; Informed-Narrative Approaches, which empower you to reshape your personal narrative; and Solution-focused strategies that encourage problem-solving and forward-thinking. Each method is carefully selected to facilitate deep and lasting change, setting the foundation for a healthier, more fulfilled future.

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