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Get unstuck! 8-step guide.

Move through emotions with ease – How to…

Let’s start by saying everyone goes through emotions differently, empress differently and show up differently. Everyone is different and unique. Now since I have been working with people there have been some commonalities that can help when pushing through or to get unstuck with emotions.

This is a process and processes can be done in any order that feels right for you. Take in what resonates and leave the rest. Try it on first before you knock it.

1) Let out our emotions yourself, by yourself first, your emotions are your responsibility.

  • This is easier said than done. This process took me a while to engulf, its empowering and easier once we focus on ourselves and understand what is happening.

  • Better relationship with ourselves, better relationship with others.

  • If this is new, unheard of, unchartered territory, there are professionals, such as myself, who can help you through the process.

  • Everyone has a way that helps them focus on their emotions more, use what works for you.

2) Ask yourself where this is coming from, Is it true? Is it an old pattern or way of thinking? Is it forever?

  • Sometimes we are down, that’s okay. When we are down we tend to look for things that are down, so ask yourself if it is true? Or is it momentary?

3) Where is it coming from in your body?

  • If it's your throat, what are you not saying?

  • If it's lower in your belly, breath into your belly and see what emotions you are holding there and not letting out.

4) Is it a shape? A word? A feeling? A sensation?

  • Describe it. Give it some attention, where attention is needed.

  • Close your eyes and describe it while breathing into it.

5) Ask yourself what need is not getting met?

  • Touch where that pain/ hurt/ stuckness is and ask it.

  • I know this might seem silly at first, but trust, would you rather go through it or stay stuck? Touch and send it love where needed, where that stuckness is.

6) Fully express your emotions if expressed fully only last 90 seconds. Go through it, not away from it.

  • In order to feel fully, do not stuff emotions down. Or else it stuffs everything down and limits your range of all emotions.

  • Journal, scream in a pillow, hit a pillow, stomp your feet, shake your body, roll up a yoga mat and hit it on the ground, have a punching bag hit it. All the while thinking about those emotions and fully feel them and express them responsibly.

7) Breathe, breathe, breathe… Move, shake and get that energy moving.

  • It is stuck for a reason, move, love, breath.

  • A lot of people I have worked with don’t breathe fully. Breath from your belly, in your chest and shoulders. Just think how baby’s breath, they breath fully, express fully.

8) If you need to, ask for help, an ear, clarity, a perspective.

  • Clearly state what you need from this person and if they are willing to help.

  • From a professional, let them know what is happening and they will help you or know someone to refer you too.

During my journey into the abyss and back. I have realized how often we forget ourselves, we take care of our cars, our homes, our loved ones, so why is it hard to take care of ourselves. We are the ones who truly know what’s going on in our lives, in our mind, in our body. Check in and see if you need something. Too often we create stories, we fill in the blanks when we don’t know the answer to things with our past experiences and create something. We assume. We don’t take the step of clarity, of checking in to see if that story is true or false because most of the time it is false. It’s a story we create, unless that story has facts, evidence and communication to back it.

Secrets can create sickness.

You have heard about illness and pain becoming more president when something in your life has been unprocessed. Well I hope this can help you get that out and into health.

Fights start because a need is not met, sadness starts from a need not met, anxiety starts from a need not being met. Give yourself a realistic need. An internal need, not external. Unless that is what is needed in the moment. But go deep, ask the hard questions and help yourself grow and glow!

Love more, Fear less.

Veronica Chase

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